Tux Adventure
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Tux Adventure

Tux Adventure is Cone's first game. It's a 2.5D action adventure platformer. It's been in development for one year and was created by Coen Hacking.


Long ago, there was a planet called Ice-otopia. It was a really cool planet and kept cool by only species that lived there, the ‘Tux’. They looked like penguins, but were smarter. The Tux used the ‘Ice Crystal’ to freeze the planet’s surface. The crystal was kept in the Marble Palace, where princes Penny lived. She was the princes of the southern tribe. Everything was great and all seemed well, until ‘Darkness’ attacked the crystal and broke it into pieces. They were scattered across the world. Noble Tux started their search to gather the pieces, but they failed. When it started to look like all hope was lost, one hero arose...

Go on epic adventure, with countless enemies and obstacles! Defeat the darkness and save Ice-otopia!



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